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Of Episcopalians, Surgery, and Self-Parody

Episcopalians can be a rich treasure trove of self-parody.
They just keep pushing those cusp issues so that they can stay in the news… thus, confirming their existence.
I was sent this story:
INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Bishops go Transgender at GC2012
By David W. Virtue … Continue reading

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What can happen to you if you refuse to pay ObamaTAX

The First Gay President and his minions such as Doctrix of the Church Nancy Pelosi got the Affordable Care Act passed… so that we could know what is in it.
As you may know, if you decide to pay the penalty… … Continue reading

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Nifty! Virtual Vigil for Religious Liberty

Have you seen the Virtual Vigil for Religious Liberty?
You can virtually attend a rally.  BUT… BUT… you have to PRAY too, right?

Prayer for the Protection of Religious Liberty
O God our Creator, through the power and working of your Holy Spirit, you … Continue reading

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Krauthammer: Chief Justice Roberts “goes to China” (Why did he do it? Here’s why.) – POLL

[Lively discussion about the SCOTUS decision is HERE.]
There is alot of speculation about what Chief Justice Roberts did and why in his majority opinion effectively upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by coming at it as a tax rather … Continue reading

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ALL Supreme Court Decision discussion HERE – POLL OPEN

It seems that, in some convoluted way, Obamacare was somewhat upheld by the Supreme Court.
That means that the law under which the the Obama Administration’s “HHS mandate” is still a threat to our religious liberty.
Here is a place to … Continue reading

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USCCB Plea To Congress, Obama Administration To Repair Obamacare… er… ObamaTAX

Bishops Renew Plea To Congress And Administration To Repair Affordable Care Act
[My emphases and comments.]
June 28, 2012
Supreme Court decision does not address fundamental flaws in the law
Legislation still needed to fix conscience, abortion funding, immigration problems
WASHINGTON—Today the United States Supreme … Continue reading

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VIDEO Jennifer Roback Morse and Eric Metaxas on Religious Freedom

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From the nice folks at Acton Institute:
Eric Metaxas and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse articulate the grave dangers of the Health & Human Services (HHS) Mandate with regard to religious freedom in America.
Eric Metaxas is a … Continue reading

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“c”atholics United: Who runs the dissident group politicizing the HHS mandate issue and fighting the US bishops?

Catholics United is politicizing the HHS mandate issue.
A reader sent an article from the Baltimore Sun about the opening Mass for the Fortnight for Freedom. I am sure you have read about that elsewhere, so I will only point out … Continue reading

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Are you clear about what happened between Pres. Obama and the HHS mandate v. our first liberties?

The excellent Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has a great timeline on their site about the HHS mandate, along with a detailed list of plaintiffs against the Obama Administration.

HHS Mandate Timeline:

August, 2011, Federal government issues a regulation requiring that all group … Continue reading

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A Catholic casualty in Pres. Obama’s war on the First Amendment: Franciscan University in Steubenville

Pres. Obama – whom Newsweek calls “The First Gay President” – and his administration are actively undermining not only our societal mores, but also our First Amendment rights.
His administration’s HHS mandate is an attack on religious liberty, for it would … Continue reading

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