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ASK FATHER: Seminarians required to stand for Communion. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Okay… this is going to be hard.
From a seminarian:
I am currently a ___ year seminarian attending ___ .
antecently, a new ‘policy’ was adopted here: all must receive Holy Communion standing.
The Holy See has made it absolutely clear that we all have the right to receive the … Continue reading

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In your goodness, will you stop and, right now, say a prayer for a cleric who is going through some ecclesiastical … there’s no other way to put this… persecution of the liberal sort.
It’s as nasty as I have ever … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Movie “Persecuted”

This is a public service announcement.
I prefer to be kind about Christian movies.  That said, save yourself some irritation.  The newly released “Persecuted” isn’t good.
“Persecution” addresses a theme which I think is real: there is/will be persecution of true Christians … Continue reading

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Baker ordered by state to bake cake for same-sex reception

From the NY Daily News:
Colorado baker ordered to serve gay couples vows to stop making wedding cakes
This takes the cake.
A Colorado baker has pledged to stop making wedding cakes after his state’s Civil Rights Commission ordered him to start baking … Continue reading

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Krauthammer on the Thought Police

NRO has this piece, which is spot on:
Thought Police on Patrol
No longer trying to win the debate, the Left is trying to stop debate altogether.
By Charles Krauthammer
Two months ago, a petition bearing more than 110,000 signatures was delivered to the Washington … Continue reading

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Of comments on religious persecution and of John Allen’s new book.

The Fishwrap‘s solitary boast, the nearly ubiquitous John L. Allen, Jr., has good text on (inter alia) the persecution of Christians – a topic on which he is über-credible.  He includes comments made by Card. Turkson.  This deserves your attention:
Next … Continue reading

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More news of the Religion of Peace

While parts of Paris are enjoying long summer nights of car burning and rioting (HERE), Islamists are kidnapping Christian girls for resale purposes.  A story from Persecution.org

Christian Girls Being Snatched By Islamist Traffickers
ICC Note: 
The recent political developments in Egypt have … Continue reading

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Baker refuses to make “gay” cake. Jail for the baker?

Biretta tip to Pewsitter for this.
As I have been saying, we are going to see a lot more of this.
Colorado Baker Faces Year in Jail for Refusing to Make Cake for Gay Wedding
According to attorney Nicolle Martin, the owners of … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! Support “HobbyLobby” on Saturday, 5 January, against Pres. Obama’s HHS Mandate!

From LifeNews:
Thousands to Join Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day Over Mandate Fight
Tens of thousands of Americans have committed to support the Christian crafts store Hobby Lobby on January 5 after courts have refused to issued an ruling stopping the Obama HHS … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about the Pope’s Lebanon trip

Because of my travel and the need for a little down time, I didn’t do much with the Holy Father’s visit to Lebanon.

However, a few things have come to mind after some recent conversations and some reading.
First, even though there … Continue reading

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