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Fr. Z’s Blog 2014 Person of the Year

Whereas His Eminence is a fierce and constant defender and promoter of justice for all parties in service of the Truth, Whereas His Eminence willingly celebrates Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form, Whereas His Eminence is kind to children, Whereas … Continue reading

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Cracks in the liberal adulation of Pope Francis

I have been saying that the Left will turn on Pope Francis.  You can already see cracks in liberal unity appearing.  The catholic Left is splitting.  Just start reading carefully at Fishwrap. I was sent this cartoon by Matt Bors.  I … Continue reading

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TIME and Pope Francis – POY

So, Pope Francis is TIME magazine’s Person of the Year. That’s about all I have to say about that, given the other names on that list. Though… If being Person of the Year is about the impact the person made, … Continue reading

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The Fishwrap is having a dreadful time with their poll about their Person of the Year (even though they have already decided the outcome.  I’ve been following it closely. First, their poll was going one way.  Then, all the results … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM POLL ALERT: Fishwrap’s Person of the Year – UPDATED

Why won’t NCR make “The Unborn” their ‘Person of the Year’? UPDATE 21 Dec 20:19 GMT: The Fishwrap’s webpage says at the top: “Update: Our poll was so popular our account with SurveyMonkey, which hosted our poll, topped off the … Continue reading

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