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NFL player refused White House visit because Pres. Obama said “God bless you Planned Parenthood”

The MSM drooled all over itself when some barely known NBA player said he was a homosexual. Pres. Obama gave him a call. Ain’t that sweet?
Will the MSM take up this story too?
From the Washington Examiner.
NFL champ skips WH visit … Continue reading

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Denial, Mrs. Pelosi, is not a river in Egypt

From The Washington Examiner:
Nancy Pelosi: Kermit Gosnell case ‘really disgusting’
During her press conference this afternoon, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked if she was aware of the Kermit Gosnell case and asked whether Congress should hold hearings to make … Continue reading

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Question to readers for clarity’s sake: Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood – What’s up?

I have found that when I place a question here to the readership, experts (and non-) come out of the woodwork.
So, I put a question to the readers.
Do you know what the situation is right now with the Girl Scouts … Continue reading

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Translating the “catholics For Choice” statement about Pope Benedict

When Pope Benedict announced his abdication, the heretical “catholics for Choice” issued a statement.    I didn’t want to sully my hands with it but someone else got out the little plastic bag and did the dirty work.
At the blog … Continue reading

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New meaning for “Black Friday”: Planned Parenthood’s discount coupon

Planned Parenthood is in the business of abortion. Big business abortion is the name of their game.
Here is something I saw on the site of The Christian Post:
Planned Parenthood Clinic Offers ‘Black Friday’ Discount for Birth Control, Abortions
The traditional first-day … Continue reading

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For you pro-Obama Catholics, something to consider before voting

This came to my email from the Dignitatis Humanae Institute:
The much publicised claim of Planned Parenthood to not only provide abortions but also health services such as mammograms have been proven as false. Following President Obama’s repeated assertion of the … Continue reading

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The new, liberal version: “I pledge allegiance to Planned Parenthood…”

Someone sent me the following:
Having endorsed Planned Parenthood 5 times in the recent debate, Obama might as well have just declared:
“I pledge allegiance to Planned Parenthood, headquartered in the USA, and to the republic of the Culture of Death, one … Continue reading

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VP Biden: Planned Parenthood “under law cannot perform any abortions”.

I subscribe to the plan of voting for the most conservative candidate who has a real chance to win. The candidate might not be perfect, but, as the young papist Tom Peters put it today, imperfect is better than evil.
Evil … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood abortion zealot spits in the face of a Romney supporter

From Life News:
Planned Parenthood Protestor Spits on Romney Supporter
by Steven Ertelt
A Planned Parenthood protestor [in other words a pro-PP protester = a zealot for PP] who purposefully mingled in with supporters of Mitt Romney at a Wisconsin event to chastise … Continue reading

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Pres. Obama uses his daughters to promote abortion

From Life News:
Obama Criticized for Using Daughters to Promote Abortion
by Steven Ertelt
President Barack Obama is coming under criticism for invoking the names of his daughters to promote federal taxpayer funding for the Planned parenthood abortion business.
As LifeNews reported this week, … Continue reading

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