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Francis: “Can you imagine a Church without nuns?” Fr. Z gives his view.

Pope Francis has made it clear that he considers dimly women religious who are not fruitful. He has admonished nuns not to be “zitelle… spinsters, old maids, biddies”. To be called “una zitella” isn’t a compliment in Italian.
“But Father! But … Continue reading

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“Sorry, liberals: Pope Francis is not….”

With a big hug for Reese and Winters over at National Schismatic Reporter, there is an article from the NY Post that deserves your attention.
Also, I ask you readers for a favor, below.
My trademark emphases and comments:
Meet the new pope — same … Continue reading

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Pope Francis receives Univ. of Notre Shame officials in audience

A delegation from Notre Dame Shame University had an audience with Pope Francis.
Yes, yes.  Not everything at Notre Dame is evil.  However, we do associate the school with leading the way in the destruction of Catholic education in these USA, … Continue reading

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What the cover of Rolling Stone reveals

Yes, yes… we know that Rolling Stone, which recently featured on its cover the photo of the Boston Marathon terrorist, has now jumped onto the Pope Francis bandwagon.
The real take away from this is that, while Rolling Stone and other … Continue reading

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FLASH! Pope Francis speaks kindly about priests!

During his daily off-the-cuff, non-magisterial sermonette today, Pope Francis spoke about priests. And he didn’t bash them! In fact, as a refreshing change of pace today, he said some good things about priests.
“On the contrary, it is impossible to understand … Continue reading

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Francis hopes women in the Church will be more…”strand-like and cutting”?

There are times when, try as I might, I have no idea what – or whom – Pope Francis is talking about.  I am not alone.
I had a few requests to explain something that Francis said to a group of … Continue reading

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“On the wings of a dove” – A sign from above?

Do any of you remember my anecdote about the unusual appearance of a raven during the “inaugural” Mass Pope Benedict XVI celebrated in St. Peter’s Square in 2005?  HERE

During the Angelus today, “peace doves” were released by Pope Francis in … Continue reading

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Not more Catholic than the Popes

In case you have forgotten already, it’s the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity!  I am sure that you have participated in many meaningful celebrations.
In the Low Countries, however, a shadow has been cast over this august occasion.
Protestants are shocked and … Continue reading

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Amusing, in a nauseating, slimy way.

Any time I come into even tangential contact with MSNBC I feel the need for a shower.
This, however, shows just how blinkered those blighters are.  From Examiner.com:
MSNBC host shocked to learn Pope Francis opposes abortion
For liberals, abortion is the closest … Continue reading

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Does Pope Francis appoint bishops without collegial consultation?

This is interesting.
Do you remember my post and comments about Pope Francis and collegiality?  Collegiality: an inquiry
This is from Sandro Magister: The pope gives, the pope takes away
VATICAN CITY, January 14, 2014 – In addition to the appointment of cardinals, … Continue reading

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