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Michael Coren on Popes who condemn “unfettered” capitalism

Michael Coren, the author of the recent title The Future of Catholicism, has a comment about a Pope who condemned “unfettered” capitalism.
Keep in mind that “unfettered” capitalism is nowhere to be found.
With that…  from Coren on Mercatornet:

I hadn’t realized that … Continue reading

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Pope Francis v. world hunger

The Pope pitched in for a campaign against world hunger with a video message.

His Holiness is using social media.
QUAERITUR: Is the problem of world hunger Western greed and indifference or the rampant corruption in places where people are starving?

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An observation for Mr. Novak on Pope Francis and “trickle-down” in EG 54

I note that Michael Novak has tackled the issue of the Pope’s comment on economics in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium.  He had an interview with National Review.
Alas, I think Mr. Novak got a couple things wrong.
In a summary/commentary on the … Continue reading

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Fishwrap attacks Francis AGAIN in the matter of women’s ordination

I have written before that the ordination of women is the flagship issue for liberals.
So long as Pope Francis won’t change Church “policy”, he will remain in their dog house.
Some conservatives frown when the Pope gets out over his skiis … Continue reading

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Andrew Napolitano reacts to Pope Francis comments on economics

I am close to being done with Pope Francis Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium. Let’s remember that it is not an encyclical. It is not even an Apostolic Letter. It’s only an Exhortation.
It is, however, an Exhortation which has some puzzling … Continue reading

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Fox News opinion piece BLASTS Pope Francis as “the Catholic Church’s Obama”

It seems that not everyone in the MSM is an adoring fan of Pope Francis.
This is an … interesting op-ed on the site of Fox News, which is, yes, pretty much MSM now:
Pope Francis is the Catholic Church’s Obama – … Continue reading

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450 years ago today: Council of Trent closed!

Today is the 450th anniversary of the closing of the Council of Trent.
Let’s think about this for a moment.
First, the day the Second Vatican Council opened Pope John XXIII gave an address to the world and to the Council Fathers … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: Peace which is not tranquility.

In his daily, non-Magisterial of-the-cuff fervorino Pope Francis said this (remember, the Vatican doesn’t give us everything – they cut it up into little snippets they deem important and thus take everything out of context… I digress):
“Jesus was full of joy, full … Continue reading

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Pope Bouncer

Even as I remind people that, under Pope Francis’ watch, former-Father Greg Reynolds is still excommunicated, we learn that the reigning pontiff once worked as a bouncer.
He is still working as a bouncer.

One of the most important thing that a … Continue reading

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Pope Francis: former bouncer

Did you see this on the Catholic News Service:
In conversations with parishioners, pope reveals he once was a bouncer
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — In addition to having worked sweeping floors and running tests in a chemical laboratory as a teenager, Pope … Continue reading

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