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Amusing, in a nauseating, slimy way.

Any time I come into even tangential contact with MSNBC I feel the need for a shower.
This, however, shows just how blinkered those blighters are.  From Examiner.com:
MSNBC host shocked to learn Pope Francis opposes abortion
For liberals, abortion is the closest … Continue reading

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Does Pope Francis appoint bishops without collegial consultation?

This is interesting.
Do you remember my post and comments about Pope Francis and collegiality?  Collegiality: an inquiry
This is from Sandro Magister: The pope gives, the pope takes away
VATICAN CITY, January 14, 2014 – In addition to the appointment of cardinals, … Continue reading

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“immensely complex… huge ramifications… major reverberations…”

The Holy Father baptized the baby of a couple who are only civilly married.
¡Vaya lío!
From the excellent Canon Law blog of Ed Peters… who is probably smart not to have an open combox.  Or .. maybe he just enjoys watching … Continue reading

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Collegiality: an inquiry

Today in Corriere della Sera there is an article about the Pope’s recent appointment of a bishop of an obscure diocese in Italy as interim Secretary of the Italian Bishops Conference (CEI).  As top offices of the CEI lapse further … Continue reading

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This isn’t 1 April: Vatican spokesman clarifies that Pope Francis hasn’t abolished sin.

Sometimes the truth is weirder than fiction.
I saw it first at Newsmax and hunted up the links.
On 30 December atheist editor of La Reppublica, Eugenio Scalfari, wrote in an editorial piece entitled  ”La Rivoluzione di Francesco – Ha abolito il … Continue reading

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Devolution of power to regional Churches? I think not.

There is a fear among some people with whom I converse that Pope Francis might undercut Roman curial congregations and devolve authority to regional conferences of bishops.
I am all for subsidiarity.  That said, some things just don’t work well at … Continue reading

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Card. Meisner cites Pope Francis: No Communion for divorced, remarried

A reader sent the following.  Cardinal Meisner of Cologne gave an interview to Deutschlandrundfunk.
You might be interested in this interview with Cardinal Meisner:
In his third answer, he says the following (it’s my translation in English, probably very bad):
“At my last meeting … Continue reading

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A few thoughts about changes to the Congregation for Bishops. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

A lot of you are asking by email my take on Pope Francis’ not confirming Card. Burke as a member of the Congregations for Bishops and for Saints.
The fact is that the members of these Congregations are routinely shifted around. … Continue reading

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Does Phil Robertson sound like Pope Francis? Vice versa?

At HuffPo there is an amusing piece about the recent Duck controversy.
Phil Robertson vs. Pope Francis On Gays
As some Christians step up to defend Phil Robertson’s stance on homosexuality, one person went even farther, comparing the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch’s comments … Continue reading

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Cracks in the liberal adulation of Pope Francis

I have been saying that the Left will turn on Pope Francis.  You can already see cracks in liberal unity appearing.  The catholic Left is splitting.  Just start reading carefully at Fishwrap.
I was sent this cartoon by Matt Bors.  I haven’t … Continue reading

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