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The Pope and The POTUS

You may have heard that Pres. Obama met with Pope Francis today.
Some people are asking me to comment on this historic event, which liberals will surely say is the first time a Pope smiled at an American President.
Popes meet with … Continue reading

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“I never realize how cool wars could be until…”

Ah!  Dear Leader!

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Under Obama Administration: hostility increases toward military chaplains

We Catholic citizens of these USA need to support the Archdiocese for Military Services.
From National Catholic Register:
Religion in U.S. Military Policy
The Family Research Council’s report notes that pressure to impose ’a secular, anti-religious culture’ has intensified over the last six … Continue reading

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IRS bullying of conservatives and pro-lifers

Biretta tip to the pro-life blog of Jill Stanek (who recently linked to me, so I am returning the favor!).
As you know, the IRS has been targeting and harassing conservatives. I wouldn’t be surprised if this came from the Oval … Continue reading

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17 April 1970 – Odyssey returns to Earth

On this day 43 years ago, the Command Module Odyssey splashed down.
Apollo XIII

I remember – as if it were yesterday – being glued to the TV watching the coverage of this glorious disaster.  It was inspiring.
But we don’t have a … Continue reading

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High-living, big-spending, bloated, decadent, parasitical, wastrel monarchy v. Citizen-executive of a republic of limited government

Mark Steyn made an interesting point in his recent piece HERE:
[Pres. Obama] and his family are about to jet off on their Christmas vacation to watch America slide off the fiscal cliff from the luxury beach resort of Kailua. The … Continue reading

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Religious Liberty

1 April… and I’m not foolin’.
Pres. Obama isn’t foolin’.
The US bishops are NOT foolin’ either.

Biretta tip: Sword of Peter!

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Obama gives Amish complete exemption. Catholics? Talk to the hand! Why? Why do you think?

A few days ago Sr. Mary Ann Walsh at the USCCB Blog posted this:
Friday, March 9, 2012
Amish, Ok. Catholics, No.
The Amish are exempt from the entire health care reform law. So are members of Medi-Share, a program of Christian Care … Continue reading

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Common ground?

Via the great Vincenzo:

Remember his promises at Notre Dame?  The hopes of Card. Cottier?  The excuses of Doug Kmiec? The panting of L’Osservatore Romano?
Don’t forget that Vincenzo has the Pius Clocks!

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Card. George writes about unity, Pres. Obama’s attacks, and Catholics who don’t stand with the bishops.

Card. George of Chicago offers observations about the present situation we face as a Church in the United States even as the President of the United States attacks the Church.
He first speaks about the “ad limina” visit he is making … Continue reading

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