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“People are walking like zombies looking for food. It’s like a movie…. It’s like the end of the world.”

I can hear it already: “There’s goes crazy ol’ Father Z again! Every time there is a big disaster, he posts about prepping!”
That’s right.
That’s because it could happen to you.
Natural disasters happen. Man made disasters happen. They can happen where … Continue reading

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VIDEO: something for the geeky, prepper, Ham in you

I enjoy the youtube offerings of USNERDOC (aka KF7ETX aka David). This clever fellow, an ER doc who was in the Navy – as his handle indicates – has designed a spiffy “go bag” for his Yaesu F-817 radio … Continue reading

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WDTPRS 16th Ordinary Sunday: The Enemy is seeking you!

The Collect for the 16th Ordinary Sunday, not in any pre-Conciliar Missale Romanum, has its antecedent in a 9th century manuscript.  Enjoy the fine clausula (rhythmic ending).
We have been cheated of the beauty of our Catholic worship in Latin, which … Continue reading

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Fr Z’s Kitchen: prepper food edition

I recently put on the side bar of this blog a widget with a link to some freeze-dried ready meals. Add boiling water to the package, seal, wait, eat. I ordered some.
Today I got out my little stove and gave … Continue reading

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