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What the Military Must Learn from the Church

From the National Catholic Register with some editing and my emphases and comments.
While the consequences of abolishing Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell for the military is of great interest, for WDTPRS Mr. Drake’s comments on what homosexuality does to the … Continue reading

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If lay people “assist” at Mass, what does the priest do? Fr. Z rants.

A reader sent me a link to a blog I had never seen, Priest’s Secretary for an especially irritating entry.   The entry wasn’t irritating because the blog itself is loony.  Rather, the story recounted in the entry was loony, and … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Are priests, bishops ordained after 1969 validly ordained?

From a reader:
I realize this must be a sensitive topic for anyone especially a priest ordained after 1969 but please know we are just seeking an objective answer. We have done our "homework" on this but who can we ask? … Continue reading

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Guest rant about priests and then Fr. Z rants about priests

Our friend at Recovering Dissident Catholic, "Cathy of Alexandria" has a particularly good rant, which I feature here (with edits) as a "guest rant".  My emphases and comments.
A good priest is hard to find. Heck, a PRIEST can be hard … Continue reading

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USCCB: Patristics in the formation of seminarians

The USCCB issued a program for formation for US seminaries. Inter alia the conference has codified that Patristics (study of the theology of the Fathers of the Church) is to be included. Here are the relevant paragraphs:
201. Patristic studies constitute … Continue reading

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