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U.S. Bishops call for project of prayer, fasting to begin 30 DECEMBER to defend Life, Marriage, Religious Liberty – FR Z POLL

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Did you know that the Bishops of these United States of America have asked for Catholics to pray, fast and abstain on Fridays, and take part in a holy hour each month?
Click HERE.
Call To … Continue reading

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Protecting The Unborn: A ‘Pro-Life Position?

I checked the NCR this morning to see which of their writers would be the first out of the gate to instrumentalize the heinous killing of children in Connecticut to argue for tougher gun control laws.
Would it be Michael Sean … Continue reading

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October Baby for October

October is a month when we have a lot of pro-life activities and focus.
I bring to your attention that the movie October Baby is available on DVD and Blu-Ray now.

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How liberals see the world: If you are pro-life you are now a racist.

If you are a liberal these days, you are losing most arguments that are based in facts. Liberals therefore are resorting to the ad hominem attack, which involves attacking the people they oppose instead of their positions.
For example, I say … Continue reading

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Pro-abortion women berate an 11 year-old girl, make her cry

Zoe Griffin, 11, a solidly pro-life girl, was attacked verbally by a couple pro-abortion adult women.
Read about it HERE.


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Obama Administration Calls Pro-Lifers Terrorists Again

From Life News:
Obama Administration Calls Pro-Lifers Terrorists Again
Once again, the Obama administration [Pres. Obama is such an aggressive advocate for abortion that he even promoted actual infanticide.] has called “terrorists” the majority of Americans who support the pro-life view on … Continue reading

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A shift in the cyber meaning of “pro-life”?

Dictionaries are important. When dictionaries change there can be wide repercussions. For example, when the standard reference point for American English back in the day, Webster, changed their basic approach, their lexicographical theory, as it were, from being being proscriptive … Continue reading

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2nd Grader “has a dream”, and it’s about Pres. Obama, babies, and abortion

For your “Ex ore infantium” file…
I saw this at Life Site with my emphases:
I received the following from a second grade teacher:
The class has been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and we were talking about how one person can … Continue reading

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Catholics on social issues in Minnesota

As I have written before, during the 2012 election run-up Minnesota will be a battle-ground state for the defense of marriage issue.  The Catholic bishops of Minnesota will be deeply involved.  Archbishop Nienstedt of St. Paul and Minneapolis has all … Continue reading

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POTUS and issues of human life

Here is part of a post at Life Site. You should read the whole thing there.
Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: The List Goes On and On..
Dear LifeNews.com Readers,
Today, LifeNews.com updated our exclusive and extensive listing of the pro-abortion and anti-life actions … Continue reading

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