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More Boko Haram Terror in Nigeria against Christians

I saw at Cross Map (with the help of Pewsitter) that the mouth-breathers of the Religion of Peace called Boko Haram, who seriously suffer from “Isis-envy” (I’m no shrink but that’s what it looks like) have upped their game right … Continue reading

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KENYA: Pastors want AK-47s to protect their flocks against The Religion of Peace

From Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer:

Kenyan pastors ask for AK-47s to counter Islamic jihad attacks

Christianity has never opposed self-defense. “Kenyan Pastors Ask for AK-47s Amid Radical Muslim Persecution,” by Fredrick Nzwili for RNS, November 1 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
As attacks … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: If no one is supposed to hurt Muslim feelings, why does the Obama campaign brag about killing OBL?

I was just out running errands and while surfing around on the radio, I heard some of Rush’s show, which I don’t usually hear during the day.
A first time caller to any show, who sounded like an older woman, made … Continue reading

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