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Aspirants to Religious Life, Priesthood, DEBT, and You – ACTION ITEM!

I occasionally get email from people who want to enter convents, monasteries, seminaries, but they are held up on account of debt, mostly from education loans.  They usually have some crowd-funding page by which they are trying to raise money … Continue reading

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Vocation as woman religious? Traditional Carmelites nuns.

I get questions from young women interested in religious life but with a traditional expression.   I received this and thought to share it with you. Hello Fr. Z! I hope all is going well. When I saw you recently … Continue reading

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João Card. Braz de Aviz: “in these 50 years, consecrated life has followed a fruitful path of renewal”

Over at the best weekly in the UK, The Catholic Herald, I saw an article about religious life and the upcoming year for religious. There is a comment about João Card. Braz de Aviz, Prefect of the Congregation for Religious: … Continue reading

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3000 religious leave religious life each year. Why? Some reasons.

I saw this at CWN: Curial official: over 3,000 religious leave consecrated life each year [Makes you wonder how many enter religious life.  I’ll bet not 3k!] The secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ outstanding address to international leaders of women religious

Today Pope Francis met with some 800 leaders of women’s religious institutes from around the world in an organization called the International Union of Superiors General (UISG). Think of an international version of the LCWR. This meeting of women religious … Continue reading

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A Prayer For Vocations

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! Here is a prayer that perhaps parish priests will pick up and use at all Sunday and Holy Day Masses, perhaps immediately after the Gospel: LEADER: Please kneel for our prayer for vocations. ALL: … Continue reading

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Card. Burke on the LCWR’s view of religious life

I wrote about how screwed up Sr. Joan Chittister’s view of religious life is HERE. Review that and then listen to this: [wp_youtube]XPhl04MRB4g[/wp_youtube] Same wave length, no?

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QUAERITUR – For Readers: Religious Life and Debt

I get quite a few email asking for advice/help from people who want to enter religious life, but cannot yet be accepted into a community because they have debts, usually student loans, etc. Do you readers know of any group, … Continue reading

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Faithful, sound orders and religious institutes for WOMEN?

Since it’s LOVE DAY, let’s get real. I have been asked this before, and I think we have covered it before, but… repetita iuvant. Really good, sound, faith, orders or religious institutes for women in the USA?  England? Ireland? Canada? … Continue reading

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Really cool nun video

Here is a great video which I pick up from the best Catholic weekly in the UK, The Catholic Herald. What a delightful lady. Keep your ears tuned for what she says is her constant prayer. [wp_youtube]fLzIr16FZPA[/wp_youtube]

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10 Points about prospective priests

I received some points of reflection from a priest friend who is a member of one of the oldest religious families.  I edited two of the points with his permission. 1. Prospective priests (Religious or Diocesan) are not looking primarily … Continue reading

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