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Changes in the rubrics for music in the new, corrected translation.

My friend Jeffrey Tucker of the estimable The Chant Cafe has a fascinating post about changes in the noew, corrected translation of the Missale Romanum which will affect sacred music in our worship.
Here is his piece, which I am cutting … Continue reading

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Blistering analysis of implementation of Pope Benedict’s vision for sacred music

It has been said that Pope Benedict has been reigning but not ruling.
Sandro Magister has an analysis piece at his place, Chiesa, about something which touches the the heart of what I have been calling Pope Benedict’s “Marshall Plan”, a … Continue reading

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Must watch and hear. Palestrina.

Tip of the biretta to NLM for this on Gloria TV.  It is a BBC show on Palestrina.  Fantastic views of Rome.

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QUAERITUR: Why is Gregorian chant better than “Gather Us In?”

From a reader:
Forgive me my ignorance – I am a relatively new Catholic, coming from the Methodist tradition. Why is Gregorian Chant more appropriate for Mass than “Gather Us In?” I like “Gather Us In.” It is singable even for … Continue reading

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“ecclesiastical karaoke”

From CNA:
London, England, Apr 14, 2011 / 05:46 am (CNA).- A Grammy winning music director has delivered a stinging attack upon modern Church music.  Joseph Cullen, choral director at the London Symphony Orchestra, says that since the 1960s there has … Continue reading

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Interview with Jeffrey Tucker about liturgical music

The Church’s sacred music played an important role in my conversion, when I was a young man.  There is a great deal of work to do.
But perhaps just as in the spring rivers will thaw and log jams start … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Mozart’s Requiem too distracting from prayer?

From a reader:
Just an interesting link that highlights a requiem mass presided by
three FSSP priests set to Mozart’s Requiem…if I only could be so
lucky to have it like this for my funeral!! Even though I must
ask…is this performance of the … Continue reading

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Madison, WI 1-2 Oct: Sacred Music Workshop

There will be a workshop on Sacred Music in the Diocese of Madison, WI on 1-2 October, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Use that link for concrete information about schedules, etc.
The workshop is entitled “A treasure of inestimable value”, which … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Non-Catholic choir singing at St. Peter’s Basilica

From a reader:
In your valued opinion, and those of your readers, is it permissible/proper/desirable/good for a Protestant choir to sing at Mass in St Peter’s Basilica? Certainly the controversy over bad Catholic choirs being allowed to sing for Mass was … Continue reading

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The terms we use for liturgy make a difference

Once upon a time…
… I stopped to visit my old chief and friend His Eminence Augustine Card. Mayer at his residence.  Sister said that he still had a guest with him, but they should be done soon.  I waited for … Continue reading

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