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Card. Burke on concelebration, priests ad-libbing and saying Mass in the state of mortal sin

As you know, I think concelebration should be safe, legal and rare.  I also think that priests should stick to the words in the books and do what the rubrics say.  I, moreover, think that priests who continue to commit … Continue reading

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NEW Z-SWAG: Catholic and Faithful – American and Free & Dic Nigra – Fac Rubra – UPDATES

I am rolling out a couple new items of  Z-Swag: First, since we are in a context with the Obama Administration for our freedom to act like Catholics in the public square (cf 1st Amendment), I have this car magnet … Continue reading

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Ever experience a priest who doesn’t say the correct words of absolution? UPDATE

I get reams of email from people who, during confession, run into priests who don’t (or won’t) say the proper words of absolution, thus throwing them into doubts about whether or not they were validly absolved. Under another entry I … Continue reading

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George Weigel offers a suggestion to liturgically narcissistic priests for Lent

At the site of First Things, there is a piece by George Weigel which includes a rather spiffy idea. He relates a recent experience of a priest screwing around with the texts of Mass and then continues: Bad habits built … Continue reading

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Another way to get Father’s attention!

A reader alerted me to this amusing bit at the blog Acts of Apostasy. Apparently a parishonert at Divine Tambourine parish was fed up with the liturgical abuses inflicted by the priest and, having been rebuffed a few times, found … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Priest returns to his ad libs during Mass.

From a reader: After almost four weeks of doing his best to “say the black and do the red,” our pastor has started to revert to ad libbing at Mass. At our Christmas Masses, he began by welcoming the congregation … Continue reading

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New architecture and music “team” at the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship?

From the intrepid Andrea Tornielli of Vatican Insider. Not my translation, but my emphases and comments: New Vatican commission cracks down on church architecture The new commission will be established shortly, as part of the Congregation for Divine Worship. It … Continue reading

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A reader alerted me to this: Tired of liturgical abuses in your parish?  Tired of dopey improvisation from the priest? Get your priest and even the liturgy staff some Say The Black – Do The Red reminders!

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Bp. Vasa of Santa Rosa about the new, corrected translation

From a reader: Last night I attended a talk by Santa Rosa Ca Diocese Bishop Vasa. He explained aspects of the new translation with powerpoint presentation help. This was for lay people and quite well attended by mainly older people, … Continue reading

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Red and Black in the Wild

Check out Fr. Longenecker’s site for some liberal liturgical hijinx. There is a Red and Black reference.

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