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“Engage the Mesmerizer.” No, the Mesmerizer is not an Austrian bishop minion of Ming the Merciless who thence performs a philosophical fan dance to convince you of Thomism which isn’t really there. This is a line from the rollicking fun … Continue reading

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Good Summer Reading: William Forstchen – Lost Regiment Series

During the American Civil War a Union regiment is being transported by ship.  They fall into a tunnel of light and emerge on the ocean of another planet.  They rapidly encounter the descendants of 10th century Russians.   There is conflict.  But … Continue reading

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Fr. Z: Science Fiction Novel Star! UPDATE

UPDATE: Since I posted this, I have finished the second volume.  Fun.  It is sort of like…. Galaxy Quest meets…. The Magnificent Seven.  It’s like… Stargate meets… Indiana Jones. As I mentioned, there is a character in the book named … Continue reading

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