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Laudato si’ – It is not healthy “to cancel out sexual difference”

The other day Stream.org posted a piece about 11 good things in the Pope’s new encyclical, Laudato si’, which you will not see covered by the MSM.  I’m going through some of them. The following is a paragraph that I knew about well-before … Continue reading

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Economics of SEX

This video caught my eye, since I posted on the sidebar that I was reading Jay Richard’s Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism Is the Solution and Not the Problem (which the people who helped Francis write Evangelii gaudium could … Continue reading

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GERMANY: Creepy weird twisted “gender bender” news

Remember the “biological” male or female thing?  Some twisted people are trying to eliminate the distinction of sex, not just of “gender”.  (E.g., HERE and HERE.) This is advancing fairly rapidly now that we have hit critical mass of people … Continue reading

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Without ladies, you will never have gentlemen

Over at the National Catholic Register there is a piece by Pat Archbold which I liked. I have written about this topic before, but not for a while now. My theory is that each year a new wave of young barbarians … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on the destructive evil of “gender” confusion

The Holy Father today provided insight into how evil and destructive the homosexual agenda is. Each year shortly before Christmas the Roman Pontiff exchanges greetings with and addresses the members of Roman Curia. He gives them what some call a … Continue reading

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FNC: Hemmer interviews Obama surrogate: hijinx and anti-Catholicism result

I saw on FNC Bill Hemmer’s interview of two talking heads, Monica Crowley (conservative pundette) and Christopher Hahn (former aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer D-NY).  I hope they post the video of this surprising exchange. The wonks were reacting to … Continue reading

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