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ASK FATHER: Salvation “outside” the Church

From a reader…
To begin, I want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog – Thank you. I have always struggled with the teaching of “Extra ecclesiam nulla salus”. Is this doctrinal? My thoughts always go to … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on Bishops

As I write, Pope Benedict XVI is in Africa.  For this trip his Post-Synodal Exhortation (following the Synod on Africa) has been released with the title Africae munus.  It is a long, “omnibus” document.  We can look at a few … Continue reading

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Nifty entries in the Martyrologium Romanum

The Roman Martyrology has a few particularly interesting entries today.
Who wants to work with them?
I find the inter-meshing, even scrambling, of dates interesting.
BTW… perendie means “the day after tomorrow”.  Pridie is “the day before”.
Festum exaltationis Sanctae Crucis, quae, postridie dedicationis … Continue reading

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