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New film about Sts Paul and Luke – 28 March @PaulMovie

I am looking forward to this:

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WDTPRS Sexagesima Sunday: “that we may be fortified against every adverse thing”

In the traditional Roman calendar, last week was the first of the pre-Lenten Sundays, Septuagesima or “Seventieth” before Easter. This Sunday is called Sexagesima, “Sixtieth”.  This number is more symbolic than arithmetical. For a fuller explanation, HERE.
The Fore-Lent or Pre-Lent Sundays … Continue reading

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Fr. Perrone’s Sexagesima Sunday sermon on spiritual pride

On Sunday 3 February at Assumption Grotto parish in Detroit, my friend Fr. Eduard Perrone gave a fine sermon during the Sunday High Mass in the Extraordinary Form on forms of spiritual pride.
He touches on the topic of those who … Continue reading

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A great coup for the National Shrine of St Paul, in St. Paul, Minnesota! WDTPRS kudos!

UPDATE: The coup is bigger than I originally thought.
People can now gain the same indulgences by visiting the National Shrine as they can by visiting  the Roman Basilica St. Paul’s outside-the-walls.
This is truly a “Brick by Brick” story!
I read a … Continue reading

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St. Paul, MN: 60 Hours of Adoration for Benedict XVI’s 60th Jubilee

A reader sent:
Saw your post today – we are also doing a 60 hours adoration for Pope Benedict. Click HERE or HERE.
60 hours of Eucharistic adoration
Join us in marking the 60th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s priesthood with 60 hours … Continue reading

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“Let those who are bound fear, those who are loosed fear.”

Tomorrow is a great day for the Roman Church and the Catholic Church throughout the world. 
Because tomorrow is an important feast, Holy Church has designated a vigil.  And vigils were always times of restraint and penance in preparation … Continue reading

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St. Paul, Apostle – new finds

In December of 2006 I attended a presser on the unearthing, but not opening, of the tomb of St. Paul, Apostle, in the Basilica of St. Paul outside-the-walls.
At that time questions were raised about the opening of the tomb, but … Continue reading

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