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VIDEO Aurora: just… wow

I have been watching the news a lot over the last couple days.  Given my mood, I can imagine also yours. Here’s something very cool as a change of pace. Real time – not time-lapse – video of aurora borealis. … Continue reading

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Aurora watch this weekend

From SpaceWeather: EARTH-DIRECTED FLARE: Active sunspot 1401 erupted today, Jan. 19th, for more than an hour around 16:00 UT. The long-duration blast produced an M3-class solar flare and a CME that appears to be heading toward Earth. Forecasters say strong … Continue reading

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A giant SPACE SNAKE is going to swallow the Earth! Wherein Fr. Z rants!

From Space Weather: BIG SUNSPOTS: After more than a week of quiet, solar activity is picking up with the emergence of two large sunspot groups on the sun’s northeastern limb.  The active regions are crackling with C- and M-class solar … Continue reading

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