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8 November: Election Day, Solar Plasma Cloud To Strike Earth

At SpaceWeather:
SUN HURLS PLASMA CLOUD TOWARD EARTH:  Yesterday, Nov. 5th, a magnetic filament on the sun became unstable and erupted. The blast opened a fiery canyon in the sun’s atmosphere and hurled a CME toward Earth.  According to NOAA models, … Continue reading

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Rules By Which To (Continue To) Live

A reader shared with me some Rules to live by.   It reminded me of a moment in the newest James Bond movie (lots of action in Rome this time).  This film’s “Bond Girl” asks 007 why he chose to be an assassin.  He replies, … Continue reading

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Codex Calixtinus contrectatione celeriter clandestineque contrectatoribus correptus!

I sense a thriller block-buster movie.  Perhaps I could write the screenplay to include the Secret Vatican Vampire Assassin Squad.
Codex Calixtinus manuscript stolen from Santiago de Compostela
Priceless 12-century manuscript, which contains Europe’s first travel guide, went missing from a safe … Continue reading

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