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23 April: Talk Like Shakespeare Day!

Drawing from material that I have posted in the past, I warmly remind the readership that today is
Talk Like Shakespeare Day!
I urge you all hence forth to speak in verse.
Pentameter iambic would be best.
O list, gentles! Also strive to use
in … Continue reading

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A Most Tragikal Hystory of Obama I

Today is National Talk Like Shakespeare Day!
In honor of this day, I urge you to speak in iambic pentameter and use words like “fleer”, “prithee”, and “guerdon”.
In honor of this banner day, anniversary most auspicious, I have in the past … Continue reading

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23 April: Talk Like Shakespeare Day…. POSTPONED?

A had a note from a reader:
Father Z:  thank you for supporting Talk Like S. Day in the past.  Because it falls on Holy Saturday, will you defer it this year to a later date?
Quoth I in response shot back … Continue reading

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