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Shhhh! Don’t tell Beans about the Monitum against Teilhard

From Massimo “Beans” Faggioli today:

The plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture approved a proposal asking pope Francis to remove the “Monitum” (1962) of the Holy Office against the works of Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ https://t.co/y2LUf3AgTZ
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FUN! In Fishwrap, Barbara Marx Hubbard “responds” to Card. Müller’s remarks to the LCWR.

The champion of all things Left, the National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap), has run the response of Barbara Marx Hubbard, LCWR’s 2012 keynote speaker, to Card. Müller’s recent pointed speech to the same LCWR.
Barbara Marx Hubbard’s (BMH hereafter) new-gnostic stuff is … Continue reading

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wholistic spirituality wholeness can be yours

In the paper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, site of the Three Days of Darkness… er um… the 2010 "Catholic" "Education" Congress there is a wrap up of precious moments from their gatherings.
Here is a taste.
Sunday morning keynote speaker, … Continue reading

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