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Adoration of The One is still strong as the Dems convene

Here’s is something to ponder. I picked this up at The Blaze after a reader alerted me to it. This is not official campaign merch but it is being handed out, it seems, at the Dems convention. How about a calendar … Continue reading

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Animi caussa:

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Pres. Obama doesn’t exactly “punch above his weight” with our “strongest allies”

I couldn’t resist posting this, for your entertainment: [wp_youtube]erYpXzE9Pxs&[/wp_youtube]

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Planned Parenthood abortion zealot spits in the face of a Romney supporter

From Life News: Planned Parenthood Protestor Spits on Romney Supporter by Steven Ertelt A Planned Parenthood protestor [in other words a pro-PP protester = a zealot for PP] who purposefully mingled in with supporters of Mitt Romney at a Wisconsin … Continue reading

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Rep. Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand

Lefty-catholics and Fishwrap readers are having a spittle-flecked nutty over Rep. Paul Ryan.  Fishwrap today compared Ryan to Dr. Kevorkian. You will no doubt be hearing from some of them that Ryan is a “Randian” and “Objectivist”, that is, an adherent to … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Craven, narcissistic, bullying slubberdegullion liberal (redundant, I know) harasses Chick-fil-A employee.

CMR deserves thanks for letting us know about this video. Give him some traffic. This is a great example of what liberals are really like. Talk about hate! Brrrr…. I just had a flashback to my old seminary faculty. Brrrrrrr! … Continue reading

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Black Pastor blasts The First Gay President. Must see video.

Did you see this video?  It is on The Daily Caller. Get a load of this! A black pastor reacts to The First Gay President’s pro-sodomy pandering. Remmeber, dear readers, that “same-sex marriage” is NOT NOT NOT a civil rights … Continue reading

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Paying their “fair share”: empty and cynical rhetoric

CMR reminded me a scene from a show that I really like: The West Wing. “But Father! But FATHER!” some of you are saying. “You like that lefty show?” Yes.  I like it.  And as we are into this horrible administration, the … Continue reading

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“Chicago values”: Card. George, Archbishop v Rahm Emanuel, Mayor

His Eminence Francis Card. George, Archbishop of Chicago, has published a piece on the archdiocesan website. His Eminence gralloched Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the issue of “Chicago values”. My emphases and comments: Monday, July 30, 2012 Reflections on “Chicago values” … Continue reading

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Obama Defends HHS Mandate: It’s “Not Fair” That Catholics Won’t Fund Birth Control

A biretta tip to CMR I saw this on Weasel Zippers. Pres. Obama simply lies to a reporter about the HHS mandate. He uses the dodge that “insurance companies”, not the Catholic institutions, will have to pay for the objectionable … Continue reading

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