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Sober and sobering views of the “Francis Effect”

I point the readership to two must-read pieces.
First, in of all places the New York Times (aka Hell’s Bible), an op-ed by Matthew Schmitz of First Things.  “Has Pope Francis Failed?”
Next, Carl Olson’s opinion piece at Catholic World Report, which picks up … Continue reading

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I am pretty tired of this B as in B, S as in S.

A few inflammatory points by way of introduction.
First, there are those who say that many of the problems in the Church today can be traced back to the influence of a kind of “jansenism” impressed during formation in seminaries way back in … Continue reading

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The Francis Effect™: Results Vary

Along the way when writing about The Francis Effect™ (mostly a rather shallow, “I don’t agree with the Church about a bunch o’ stuff, but I like this new Pope!”, though sometimes a genuine revitalization of Gospel values), I have … Continue reading

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How ridiculous are things getting in the wake of The Francis Effect™?
Here is a headline from Reuters.  I really hope that the otherwise bright Phil Pullella didn’t impose this:
Pope, in nod to conservatives, calls abortion ‘horrific’
What a shocker!   The … Continue reading

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A “Francis Effect” in these USA?

There is a lot of buzz about a “Francis Effect”.  As I watch Twitter, for example, I see comments such as “I’m not Catholic anymore, but I really like this Pope!” or “I disagree with the Church on a lot … Continue reading

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Symptoms of The Francis Effect™

We didn’t think this was going to happen?
Six months into this pontificate, and people are starting to go a little crazy.
For example, the Archbishop of Birmingham is talking about intercommunion with Anglicans, based on a document which dates back to … Continue reading

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