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VIDEO: Iowa Democrats Praying For Abortion Care

The other day a member of the Iowa Democrat Party (aka The Party of Death or TPOD hereafter) said that having a colicky baby (a baby that cries a lot) is a justification for abortion. Now I see this, also … Continue reading

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6 Dems split with Party of Death to vote “Yay” on HR 7: No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act

In contrast with the rest of the Reps of the Party of Death, 6 Democrats [Cuellar (D-TX28), Lipinski (D-IL3), Matheson (D-UT4), McIntyre (D-NC7), Peterson (D-MN7), Rahall (D-WV3)], voted for and co-sponsored HR 7, the No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act.  Full … Continue reading

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo: conservatives “have no place in the state of New York”

Did you hear the latest about the adulterous governor of New York? I picked on on this from some commentary pieces at NRO HERE and HERE (Kathryn Jean Lopez is all over this) and traced it back to something at Capitol Confidential: … Continue reading

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Dems will include same-sex “marriage” plank in their platform at convention

Are you a Catholic who voted for The First Gay President? Think again. From Politico: Democrats are set to include a pro-gay marriage plank in their convention platform for the first time in history, party sources confirm to POLITICO. The … Continue reading

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