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Energetic pro-family talk in London

My old friend Michael Matt of The Remnant gave a rousing pro-family talk in London recently.  You might want to tune in.
And, take note of the spiffy title!

Along the way Michael reminds the listeners that Card. Caffara (one of the … Continue reading

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Pope Donald

It seems that, the presidency not being enough, The Donald is running for Pope.
This is from A-CNN:
Converted Trump Now Running for Pope
In shocking news first reported a week ago, businessman Donald Trump has converted to Catholicism and has now declared … Continue reading

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Again about validity of absolutions by SSPX priests

A priest reader sent me a link to an article on the site of The Remnant, which is I believe a bi-monthly newspaper staunchly on the traditional side of our Catholic spectrum.  The article in question concerns the validity of … Continue reading

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Proposal and Counter-Proposals for Pope Benedict and the SSPX

I was sent a link to an article in The Remnant on the SSPX situation.  The article contains the following statements:
Instead of harassing Bishop Fellay to sign a doctrinal preamble, the Vatican should require every superior, university president and ordinary … Continue reading

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The Remnant defends Bp. Robert Finn

The Remnant has an article in defense of Bp. Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph.
You learn a lot about a person by what his enemies have to say. The National Catholic Reporter wrote a piece one year after Bishop Finn … Continue reading

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