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NCFishwrap promotes… wait for it… Ember Days! Yes, you read that correctly.

Over at the National catholic Fishwrap today one Charles Morris has a rather positive piece about Ember Days, which traditionally fall this week.  Readers here know all about Ember Days.  It is nice to see that readers at NCF will … Continue reading

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You have followed the reports on …
… The Vortex.
There is a portentous development.
One of the Originators of the ecclesial force vectors which opened that rift singularity, that rift in the space time continuum will be moving.
His Excellency Most Reverend Robert … Continue reading

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VORTEX REPORT: What is that … growth?

As you know, my friends and I have been exploring …
The Vortex.
We managed to send in the remote probe to take photos of the thing, a portentous plant or growth of some kind, in or near the epicenter of the … Continue reading

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VORTEX REPORT: What IS that … portentous plant? That… growth?

Some time ago I was in Kansas City, MO, and I posted about …
…The Vortex.
Sometime after a frequent participant here posted the comment:
Somebody needs to determine the identity of the tree in the middle of . . . the VORTEX. … Continue reading

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An Alarming Development near… The Vortex

I was alarmed today to see an article in the National Catholic Fishwrap… Reporter  … wait for it and put down your freshly brewed Mystic Monk Coffee…
… praising His Excellency Bp. Robert Finn of Kansas City-Joseph.
Alarming indeed.
I wondered: Did … Continue reading

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In search of … THE VORTEX

I was recently in Kansas City, MO.
Denizens of Kansas City and travelers alike take a great risk when moving about in that city.
They may fall into…
No, I am not talking about … Continue reading

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