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NCFishwrap promotes… wait for it… Ember Days! Yes, you read that correctly.

Over at the National catholic Fishwrap today one Charles Morris has a rather positive piece about Ember Days, which traditionally fall this week.  Readers here know all about Ember Days.  It is nice to see that readers at NCF will … Continue reading

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You have followed the reports on … … The Vortex. There is a portentous development. One of the Originators of the ecclesial force vectors which opened that rift singularity, that rift in the space time continuum will be moving. His … Continue reading

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VORTEX REPORT: What is that … growth?

As you know, my friends and I have been exploring … The Vortex. We managed to send in the remote probe to take photos of the thing, a portentous plant or growth of some kind, in or near the epicenter … Continue reading

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VORTEX REPORT: What IS that … portentous plant? That… growth?

Some time ago I was in Kansas City, MO, and I posted about … …The Vortex. Sometime after a frequent participant here posted the comment: Somebody needs to determine the identity of the tree in the middle of . . … Continue reading

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An Alarming Development near… The Vortex

I was alarmed today to see an article in the National Catholic Fishwrap… Reporter  … wait for it and put down your freshly brewed Mystic Monk Coffee… … praising His Excellency Bp. Robert Finn of Kansas City-Joseph. Alarming indeed. I … Continue reading

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In search of … THE VORTEX

I was recently in Kansas City, MO. Denizens of Kansas City and travelers alike take a great risk when moving about in that city. They may fall into… THE VORTEX. No, I am not talking about the guy with the … Continue reading

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