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Sometimes a photo is worth 5000 thousands words.

You might have heard of this, but, since I have been traveling and using the interwebs less than usual in the last couple weeks, it was news to me. A member of the Macedonian parliament brought a gift to Pope … Continue reading

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True ecumenical gesture: Catholics, Orthodox together give Pope new Papal Tiara – WDTPRS POLL

UPDATE 26 May 0305 GMT: From a reader: Seeing today’s post on the new tiara made me remember that there is a list in the papal Caeremoniale Romanum of the days, other than the Pope’s coronation, when the tiara is … Continue reading

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Change to the coat-of-arms of the Roman Curia?

I found something you should know about. Preamble:  Surely someone with little intellectual flexibility will opine that all the heraldry stuff is meaningless in our sophisticated modern world, or that people who are interested in it are, well, as effete … Continue reading

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Something I missed in Westminster

I watched the live feed of the Holy Father’s visit today pretty closely.  But Vincenzo of Sancte Pater – the official WDTPRS photoshopper – caught a screenshot I missed.

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