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Really old frozen permafrost critters revived. What could possibly go wrong?

This is creepy. At National Post I see a story about some folks who revived a bunch of moss and microbes from hundreds of years ago that lay frozen under a glacier. Yeah… it’s growing. And they found wormy things, … Continue reading

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The Hunting of the Viganò

Church Militant has a fascinating story, the stuff of novels. THE HUNT FOR VIGANÒ: VATICAN SPIES TRACKING WHISTLEBLOWER By Rev. Michael X., JCL Vatican officials are on the hunt for Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò. According to sources within the Vatican, … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z meets Tracer Bullet, Private Eye

I’ve been busy with the Challenge Coin project.  More have gone out to friends and donors, two yesterday, a couple more today. It’s been awhile since we heard about the doings of Tracer Bullet, Private Eye.  I think the last update … Continue reading

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Important research with implications for feminist geography

Allow me to preface this with the reminder that I hate squirrels. That said, I promise you I am not making this up. I was alerted to this from the – no… really… Journal of Feminist Geography. No… really. Here is an … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Intersect Edition

Other than the fact that in order to enjoy a really early morning you first have to get up really early, it’s a really nice morning. Nasty weather comes later in the week.  It is, of course, March. It seems … Continue reading

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Lawyer, lawyer, pants on fire!

I simply can’t not share this delicious irony. From the Miami Herald: Miami lawyer’s pants erupt in flames during arson trial in court A Miami defense lawyer’s pants burst into flames Wednesday afternoon as he began his closing arguments in … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Chinese Food Edition

On the way to my ride home. Delta is being it’s usual pokey self, so there was more time for supper. It was time for Chinese food in Queens. Dan dan noodles.   Xiao Long Bao… the stuff of dreams. … Continue reading

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