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ASK FATHER: Can an ex-woman, a trans “man”, be ordained?

From a reader…
With the increase of transgender people pushing their agenda, would it be possible for a biological woman who thinks she’s a he and has gone through the Sex “change” process somehow slip through the cracks and make it to ordination, or … Continue reading

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The Church of England… whither? Fr. Z again offers his solution.

The late Fr Richard John Neuhaus once quipped that the purpose of the Anglican Communion was to make irony redundant.
From the Daily Mail:
Church of England chief backs ‘re-christenings’ after sex changes: Officials risk furious backlash by introducing ‘services of welcome’
Church … Continue reading

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Making it illegal to differentiate between male and female

One of these days horrible things will start happening because of the blurring of sex and the because of the sick and twisted “gender” re-engineering that is going.  We are hurtling toward the brink.
From CNA:
Could it soon be illegal for … Continue reading

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Surprise: transgender “woman” beats tar out of a woman opponent in the ring.

Here’s a real surprise…
A man… bit cut up… beat the stuffing out of a woman.
From Libertarian Republic (the video is brutal):
Transgender MMA [c’mon… MALE] Fighter Destroys Female Opponent
Critics are scrutinizing mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor Fallon Fox, after the transgender fighter … Continue reading

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ASK FATHER: Bisexual woman called hypocrite by mother for not accepting sister’s transgender lifestyle

From a reader…
I am a young woman who also happens to be bisexual. Because it clashes with my faith values, I freely choose NOT to act on my sexual attraction to women. My family, who is NOT Catholic, doesn’t understand … Continue reading

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AC-DC or Transgender Comics

There is, you should know to your horror, a trend in catholic “theology”, written by subversives, to “queer” theology.  Nothing is sacred.
You all know what is going on in society as a whole.
So, even as I remind the readership of the … Continue reading

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Of Episcopalians, Surgery, and Self-Parody

Episcopalians can be a rich treasure trove of self-parody.
They just keep pushing those cusp issues so that they can stay in the news… thus, confirming their existence.
I was sent this story:
INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Bishops go Transgender at GC2012
By David W. Virtue … Continue reading

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The fruits of mutilation of personal and ecclesial identity

With a tip of the biretta to Rev. Mr. Kandra at Deacon’s Bench, this comes from The Union Democrat (and ironically appropriate title).
I want to preface this with a couple comments.
First, Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity. Anglicanorum … Continue reading

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