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UPDATE Road Warrior Tips: Cheaper data abroad (KeepGo) and soft landings

UPDATE 7 October 2016 Some of you have availed yourselves of getting a KeepGo through the link I provided, below.   Thanks!  I have received some additional data. HERE I was very satisfied with how my KeepGo kept me connected in both … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Manhattan Edition

I’m off to NYC to meet some friends and have a couple of days of R&R before continuing on my way to Rome for the pilgrimage. So far it’s a typical Delta experience: flight delayed. At least I don’t have … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile: Meandering to Roma – Part 2

The journey continues after a sojourn in New York. This morning I sought something for a friend in Rome because is what we long time expats do for each other. Did you know that there was vanilla mint Chapstick? I … Continue reading

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My View For Awhile

Not quite fully rested or completely without traces of the crud I picked up in Roma, but more or less shipshape. On the way in, an interesting view. UPDATE: Hot sour soup and platitude. Alas the place has slipped a … Continue reading

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My View For A While

Ah! the distinction, the allure, the romance, the prestige of travel. If you are ever flying through Rome – Terminal 5 would make certain people from the 1930’s proud – and you are tempted to get a day pass for … Continue reading

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My View For A While

I’ll be off to Rome in a bit. I ran into a pair of becassocked clerics who greeted me. One if them is going to Rome for the first time. UPDATE: The is a dog… at least one dog on … Continue reading

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My view for a while

On the road. I feel sort of human. The antibiotics may be helping. Fairly short flights today and everything seems to be on time. None of Pres. Obama’s artificial, inflicted, political flight delays … yet. Yes, this is the book. … Continue reading

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My view for a while

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Discussion: Airline trips, flights, cancellations, weather, passenger rights and options

I am supposed to fly to Rome on 31 October (thank you, dear readers). In light of the terrible weather, can we have some discussion here, based on your experience and good knowledge – please don’t just add anecdotes, but … Continue reading

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My view for a while

I’m heading out of the hurricane and tornado zone. Let’s hope there isn’t a mid-flight TEOTWAWKI EMP while I’m in the air. Or at all, come to think of it, unless it is as a proximate prelude to the Lord’s … Continue reading

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Suggestions for airlines

Airlines are in it for the money, no matter how much they say it is all about us. Since I have to leave NYC fairly soon – alas – and I am thinking about how pleasant it has become to … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Reprint of travel size 1962 Missale Romanum

UPDATE (4 Sept): Be sure to look at “brendan”‘s comment below.  He checked on the availability of this Missale. A while back I wrote that if you were looking for a perfect gift for a traditionally minded priest you might … Continue reading

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