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The Feeder Feed: unhappy edition (with a REQUEST… and some useful Latin)

This is not my shot.  I found it on the Twitter feed of Glacier National Park via Disputations.
Behold, Sialia pissedofftica, aka the Bluebird of Unhappiness.

It is the winter that will not end.
With that… if you use Twitter and you don’t … Continue reading

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On Twitter we have “#followfriday”; why not “#anathemasiturday”

From His Hermeuenticalness.  I think we should consider this.

Having just worked out what #followfriday is on Twitter (and indeed having posted my first #FF tweet) I thought it would be good to have an hashtag for an "Anathema Saturday" … Continue reading

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A reason to follow the major catholic bloggers on Twitter

From time to time as ask for more followers on Twitter.
I’ll ask again… follow me on Twitter: @father
Today I was glad I had followed a couple of major Catholic Tweeters, in this case the young Papist and on the other … Continue reading

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Request to readers: good hashtags for Twitter about recent controversies

To readers who use Twitter:
If some of you are paying attention to Twitter feeds about the topic of how the media is handling the recent round of controversies, or the topic of the controversies themselves, could you post some of … Continue reading

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Caveat pipiator: The Vatican and Twitter

Who’s tweeting the tweeters? 
When I learned that the Vatican had launched a couple Twitter feeds, I thought was do these … folks, know what they are in for?  If this is being handled by the usual … Continue reading

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Liturgical translation drama at the USCCB. Is it finally over?

You have to admire Bp. Trautman.  He kept his powder dry and his plan of attack hidden, saving his very last musket ball for the end.
He raised a motion that the bishops should see the Gray Book of the Antiphons, … Continue reading

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“… in this twittering world …”

I have for many years belonged to a fine literary group.  At present we are working our way through poems and plays of T.S. Eliot.
Last night we met and had an exceptionally fruitful meeting (and fine meal afterward!) on the … Continue reading

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