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Gov. Walker won’t delete Bible verse, despite threats from hate-activist atheists

About the great Governor of Wisconsin.  I wonder if he will run for President.
From The Blaze:
Scott Walker Says He Won’t Cave to Atheists’ Demand to Pull Bible Verse
“Governor Walker will not remove the post on his social media,” Walker spokeswoman … Continue reading

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O frabjous day! They are BACK!

I buried the lead:
Twinkies!  They’re baaaaack!
As you know, they went off the shelves some months ago, a dark day for civilization.
As I have written before, I never cared much for Twinkies, but I was irritated that I couldn’t any longer … Continue reading

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The Most Tragikal Hostess Debacle. Act II. Enter: Looters, Zombies, Unions.

I heard about this when I was running errands yesterday.
It seems that the Hostess – producers of iconic products – has now gone completely bust because, in negotiations with the company the baker’s union demanded too much.
I grew up in … Continue reading

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Bishop of Madison, WI writes about conflict between Governor and unions

Badger Catholic shared this with me and I bring it to your attention.
H.E. Most Rev. Robert Morlino, Bishop of the DMZ … er um… Madison, Wisconsin (we have written of this fine bishop here and many other places on this … Continue reading

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