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Advice from a priest: use protection!

I am sure you remember my scare-warnings that, “It doesn’t happen to you, until it does!”
One of the things you need to plan for is the protection of your electronic stuff, which we rely on a lot and often spend a … Continue reading

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TEOTWAWKI! Well… maybe not…

All of a sudden BAM! Power goes off.
After all this stuff I’ve been reading, I started thinking about my BOB.
Then I heard my UPS beeping and saw that my phone is still functional. Thus, not the EMP. … Continue reading

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Cyber Security, Computer Maintenance, and YOU

In seminary we were to clean our rooms every Saturday morning.  I still am in the habit of doing cleaning chores that day.  I also do routine work on my computers: back ups, clean ups, virus scans, tidy up the … Continue reading

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I use “protection”

I have from time to time made a recommendation about getting Uninterruptible (or Uninterrupted) Power Sources (UPS).  My best experience for customer service as been with APC.
I received this note from a priest friend:
I got an APC BACK UPS ES … Continue reading

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“If it wasn’t for health care…”

The nice UPS gal swooped in with a review DVD from First Run Films about the late Archbishop Oscar Romero.  I’ll probably watch it tonight.
In our brief chat, I mentioned how impressed I was that UPS and FedEx can move everything … Continue reading

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Do you use “protection”?

I hope you are not careless.
I am talking, of course, about using an Uninterrupted or Uninterruptible Power Source, or UPS.
These things are powerful surge protectors and back-up batteries which will keep your equipment running steady on in the case of … Continue reading

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Many thanks to those of you who have sent kind notes. Also, thanks to those who have asked for prayers. I have had a huge increase of those and you are improving my prayer life in some significant … Continue reading

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Another note about UPS units

I have had another nasty surprise.  I have written elsewhere about the need for UPS units.
A large UPS unit that was playing a critical role in my network was done in at some point, I am guessing a recent storm … Continue reading

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