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Congregation for Divine Worship’s new document on valid bread and wine for the Eucharist

The sacraments have both matter (the physical stuff) and form (the words pronounced).  In the case of the Eucharist the matter is twofold: bread and wine.  The bread must be from wheat and, in the Latin Church, unleavened.  The wine … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Is sherry valid matter for the consecration during Mass?

From a reader: There had been several discussions recently about the topic of valid matter for the Eucharist, mostly related to low-gluten hosts and hosts using matter other than wheat. This made me remember something that happened at my parish … Continue reading

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Wheatless Hosts… Noooooooooooo.

Holy Church’s Canon Law closely follows Holy Church’s infallible teaching when it comes to discipline of the sacraments. The Church’s doctrine holds that valid matter for the Eucharist is a form of bread made from wheat.  In the Latin Church … Continue reading

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