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A Black Mass in the Vatican at the time of Vatican II?

From Crisis, ever more valuable. Fetid Fruits of the Black Mass THOM NICKELS The writer refers to various diabolical phenomena, including that which requires exorcism and the so-called Black Mass.  I wrote on this HERE. As if he were reading … Continue reading

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A good article that explores what REAL clericalism is. UPDATED

UPDATE 10 May 2019: Fr. Longenecker has a post about different layers of clericalism.  It is well written and has a good insight that builds on what I wrote, below.   Go over there to get the full line of his … Continue reading

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25 January 1959 – 60th anniversary of the calling of Vatican II

On 25 January 1959, just under 3 months after his election to the See of Peter, John XXIII, at St. Paul’s outside-the-walls, stunned his listeners and the rest of the world. 60 years ago he announced the summoning of an Ecumenical … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Bishops saying private Masses during Vatican II

This is terrific.  Here is old video of some bishops at the Second Vatican Council saying their private Masses! The best form of concelebration! Council Fathers offering their Private Masses after the Second Vatican Council was solemnly opened by Pope … Continue reading

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“The Council that might have been…” but wasn’t.

One of you readers recently sent me an interesting link to a page of the blog of Fr. Joseph Komonchak. Fr. Komonchak has provided the original – but rejected – schemata for the Second Vatican Council. At some time you … Continue reading

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What Did Council Fathers REALLY Say About LATIN?

Dr. Peter Kwasniewski wrote to me the other day to alert me to his post at NLM about the Second Vatican Council and the Latin language.  It is MUST READ reading.  HERE A taste to get you in… The documents … Continue reading

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“Not all is well, nor should we pretend that it is — even if this means abandoning the ‘new Pentecost’ narrative of Vatican II”

At NLM, Peter Kwasniewski has a good piece. Here’s how it begins (with my emphases and comments): Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI frequently acknowledged that the Church is in a state of serious crisis. [Is there any … Continue reading

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It is as if the Church simply caved in before the world and its Prince.

Around the time of the Second Vatican Council some of our sound practices were simply dropped, as if they were no longer needed.  For example, the Leonine Prayers after Low Mass which included the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. … Continue reading

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Memories of Vatican II’s halcyon days. Who could have predicted that things would fall apart?

Over at Crisis there is a great piece recounting memories of Vatican II times… those spirit-filled, halcyon days! I particularly enjoyed this paragraph about the writer’s days in a Catholic girls school: We attended Mass in Latin, sang hymns in … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ letter to “the best hermeneutical interpreter of the Second Vatican Council.”

Here is something interesting.  His Holiness Pope Francis has written a letter to Archbp. Agostino Marchetto… again. Marchetto has helped to break the monopoly of the “hermeneutic of discontinuity” types when it comes to the interpretation of Vatican II. the … Continue reading

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UPDATE: English translation of Memoirs of Louis Bouyer

The English translation of The Memoirs of Louis Bouyer: From Youth and Conversion to Vatican II, the Liturgical Reform, and After has finally been produced.  UK click HERE Soon after it was put on sale, it because unavailable.  Apparently the supply chain … Continue reading

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Renaissance triumphalist crowing both in bad taste and divisive

I saw a mordantly amusing comment from Fr. Hunwicke over at his blog HERE.  He mused about the recent 50th anniversary of Paul VI going to a Roman parish to say Mass in Italian.   Perpend.  My emphases and added … Continue reading

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“There was the Council of the Fathers – the real Council – but there was also the Council of the media.”

I was recently sent a link to a video of one of the last appearances of Benedict XVI during his pontificate. This is the famous audience during which he spoke about the “Council of the media”. [wp_youtube]CfTWC5lPshM[/wp_youtube] I think it … Continue reading

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19 Oct: Beatification of Paul VI (Canonization of Vatican II)

As I thought… the next phase of the canonization of Vatican II will occur 19 October. I wrote something about the miracle attributed to Paul VI the other day.  Amazing, as they often are.  HERE From Vatican Radio: (Vatican Radio) … Continue reading

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Canonizations: looking back and looking forward

I went back to my post last July and reread it. Yes. I am right about this. Wherein Fr. Z explains what is really going on with the canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II Today, in addition to … Continue reading

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