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1st Sunday of October: Plenary Indulgence – Supplication to the Madonna of Pompeii

The first Sunday of October is one of the two days of the year for the plenary indulgence by reciting the Supplication to the Madonna of Pompeii. The other day for this is 8 May.
For more about the indulgence and … Continue reading

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A portentous day

Late in the day, but on this day in ancient history:

72 A.D. — martyrdom of Bartholomew at Albanopolis
79 A.D. — Vesuvius erupts, burying Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae
410 A.D. — Alaric sacks Rome

Quite a portentous day, isn’t it?

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Vesuvius A.D. 79: How the people in Pompeii died.

Biretta tip to rogueclassicism, which directed me to an article about how the people in Pompeii died during the famous eruption of Vesuvius.  There is a scholarly article called "Lethal Thermal Impact at Periphery of Pyroclastic Surges: Evidences at Pompeii" … Continue reading

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What Would Pres. Bartlett Do?

President Bartlett would not fire Gen. McChrystal.
BTW… here is another example of a volcano influencing history.
It seems McChrystal and staff were stuck together for a long time because of the volcano in Iceland.
Do you get the feeling that for the … Continue reading

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For your neurosis and/or trip planning needs

Just today I was exchanging email with a priest in England about my hopping over for a visit to Old Blighty and my friends there. 
Then I hear about nearly all flights canceled because of the Icelandic volcano….Eyja… Eyjaja… Eyafjallajokull. … Continue reading

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