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Modern “art” in churches: the joy of the Enemy

I don’t know about you, but I can’t see any value in having this hideous thing in a church.

This rubbish is now hanging in the Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church) of Vienna.

No.  Really.

Corriere della Sera has the sad story.
Need an explanation?  I’ll … Continue reading

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What’s up in Vienna’s Stephensdom?

This is pretty weird.  From a reader:
I have recently visited Vienna and was stunned by the beautiful churches of this magnificent city. One day I went to St. Michael’s church not far from Stephensdom and it was there and then … Continue reading

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Losing the Siege of Vienna

If only we had a project of Re-Evangelization. Or something.
Granted: A lot of European dioceses have lots of little parishes.
From the best Catholic weekly in the UK, The Catholic Herald.
Vienna archdiocese to cut parishes by 75 per cent
By JONATHAN LUXMOORE … Continue reading

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Gladiator school of Vienna discovered

Very cool:
Archeologists locate ruins of gladiator school
By: The Associated Press | The Associated Press | 08/30/11 10:48 AM
Archeologists say they have located and excavated the ruins of a massive amphitheater used to train gladiators east of Vienna in what they … Continue reading

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Vienna: Another sacrilegious “Western Mass”

Yet again, a sacrilegious “Western Mass” was celebrated in Austria with the approval of Card. Schoenborn, Archbishop of Vienna.
This happened again, in pretty much the same way. despite the fact that it happened last year.

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