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“Don’t take offence if they have to decline your invitation.”

There is a great post over at my friend Fr. Finigan’s blog, The Hermeneutic of Continuity about lay people and their weddings and inviting priests… and concelebration.
Remember, I think concelebration should be safe, legal and rare.
Fr. Finigan seems to agree.

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QUAERITUR: Weddings on Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation?

From a reader:
Can a couple get married on a holy day of obligation?
What about (more generally) on a Sunday (which, in a certain sense, is a holy day of obligation)?
The Rite of Marriage may be used anytime except during the … Continue reading

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Gang of Priests: war stories

When priests get together for a while, conversation will turn to seminary and parish war stories.
Weddings will be included among those war stories.  Included could be a few things we wish we could say.
First, it is amazing how often people … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: The origin of giving flowers to Mary during weddings.

A priest friend recently asked if I knew the origin of the “custom” during weddings of giving flowers to Mary, by placing them at her statue or image (which some protestants probably think is mighty strange).
I must admit, I don’t … Continue reading

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A priest rants about modern weddings

A friend alerted me to a fine rant by a priest, who has the unlikely name of Reverend Know-It-All.  I hope our mail doesn’t get mixed up.
In any event, Rev. K-I-A has good observations about weddings.  Weddings can be occasions … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can we attend non-Catholic weddings?

From a reader:
Is it wrong if not in fact sinful to attend the weddings and funerals
of non-Catholics? For as Pope Pius XI stated in his encyclical
treating on Christian unity, Catholics are never to participate in
schismatic or heretical congregations. I would … Continue reading

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