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This might have an effect on Ham Radio operation.  Also, those of you in the north might watch for aurora borealis! From SpaceWeather: GEOMAGNETIC STORM UNDERWAY NOW: A surprise geomagnetic storm is underway on May 14th. Storm levels are currently at G2 (moderately … Continue reading

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Of Flaring Suns and Starry Nights

While Ham Radio operators are vexed by the lack of spots on your planet’s yellow star, there is still activity. Frankly, having read recently 48 Hours by William Forstchen – US HERE – UK HERE – this sort of story makes me … Continue reading

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NEW BOOK from William R. Forstchen. “Sauron’s Eye” is about to kill everything on Earth.

One of these days, friends, your planet is going to get really pasted by your yellow Sun.  It is not a matter of “if”.  It is a matter of “when”.  Contemplate losing all electricity.  What would happen to your life? … Continue reading

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Good Summer Reading: William Forstchen – Lost Regiment Series

During the American Civil War a Union regiment is being transported by ship.  They fall into a tunnel of light and emerge on the ocean of another planet.  They rapidly encounter the descendants of 10th century Russians.   There is conflict.  But … Continue reading

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