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“when you are in need of a little feminist pick me up!”

“We are excited to have found a video of the momentous event which we share with you for those moments when you are in need of a little feminist pick me up!” More from the promoters of Women’s Ordination, wasting … Continue reading

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Dippy coverage from Reuters on Pope Francis’ General Audience

It is hard to imagine how wrong newsies can be… and then you run into the abysmally twisted report from Reuters about what Pope Francis said today in his Wednesday audience about women. Pope stresses “fundamental” value of women in … Continue reading

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Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! You have by now heard that the Holy Father’s valet, or butler, has been arrested for stealing documents and leaking them to the press.  The Butler is presently confined in the Vatican jail (yes, … Continue reading

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After reading this howler from the Conference for Women’s Ordination or COW … no… that’s not it… the Women’s Ordination Conference or WOC…. whatever… take note (below) of our WDTPRS ACTION ALERT! I’ll bet this comes from WOC’s Ministry of … Continue reading

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The Time Machine: Call To Action and WOC in perpective

A priest friend sent me a note about big puppets.  He found yet another connection between the big puppet thing and the Call To Action and ordination of wywmynysszzzz crowd. There is a cameo of a Call To Action/WOC puppet … Continue reading

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How many women’s ordination groups does it take to change a light bulb?

At the site of the Women’s Ordination Conference, there is a petition in support of Fr. Roy Bourgeois, MM (and heretic).  I loved this line: “Our Catholic tradition teaches that sexism is a sin and excluding women from the priesthood … Continue reading

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