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New book about women religious!

If you want to understanding something about how many of the women religious in these USA have gone completely off their rockers, here is the book to get.
I have the first book, from 1997.  Now there is an updated, second … Continue reading

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Long lifetimes of faith and prayer

The other day I saw in the weekly newspaper of the Diocese of Madison that a religious sister was celebrating her 8oth anniversary of profession!  That’s impressive.
This also caught my eye today
‘Longest-serving’ cloistered nun dies in Spain
The Associated Press
A … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ outstanding address to international leaders of women religious

Today Pope Francis met with some 800 leaders of women’s religious institutes from around the world in an organization called the International Union of Superiors General (UISG). Think of an international version of the LCWR.
This meeting of women religious in … Continue reading

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Why do liberals try to make religious life so … small?

Since there is a great deal of liberal hooting at the latest women religious, LCWR, Bus-Nun type goat rodeo, let’s turn the clock back a bit and look at something at Religion and Politics about the Nashville Dominicans.
The article is longish, … Continue reading

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Recent LCWR statements – context for the Holy See’s smackdown

Today the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith smacked down, hard, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  This is, as you may remember, the group of leaders of communities of women religious (not all the religious themselves, but the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Orders of women religious who accept later vocations

From a reader:
Father, do your wonderful readers have suggestions about women’s religious orders that cater to late vocations (late 30′s)? Someone in our family is discerning.
I don’t, but I hope some of the readers here will.
The question of later religious … Continue reading

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“Band of Sisters” documentary about liberal women religious premiers

We start a new work week with some old fashioned dissent.
And I mean old.
Picture if you will the paradox of a visible but invisible group of women religious dissenters. Even as they stay in the public eye, because of one … Continue reading

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ZUHLIO RETURNS: “Where Have All The Sisters Gone”?

The Official Parodohymnodist of Fr. Z’s Blog has inspired – I don’t know how he does it – has inspired – or even why he does it – has inspired to emerge from retirement
Yes, after the triumphant reemergence from retirement … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z gives Sr. Simone Campbell a pass on something really important

If communities of women religious have habits, then the women ought to wear them.  Keep in mind that the habits of some groups were/are rooted in the era of their founding.  Keep in mind that some communities don’t have habits … Continue reading

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QUAERIT… well… Cri de Coeur: Convent closing for lack of vocations

From a reader:
I need to thank you for encouraging us all to attend the EF of the mass. Although there is no EF mass within a few hours drive of where I live (so sad, I know) I have been … Continue reading

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