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“Band of Sisters” documentary about liberal women religious premiers

We start a new work week with some old fashioned dissent.
And I mean old.
Picture if you will the paradox of a visible but invisible group of women religious dissenters. Even as they stay in the public eye, because of one … Continue reading

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ZUHLIO RETURNS: “Where Have All The Sisters Gone”?

The Official Parodohymnodist of Fr. Z’s Blog has inspired – I don’t know how he does it – has inspired – or even why he does it – has inspired to emerge from retirement
Yes, after the triumphant reemergence from retirement … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z gives Sr. Simone Campbell a pass on something really important

If communities of women religious have habits, then the women ought to wear them.  Keep in mind that the habits of some groups were/are rooted in the era of their founding.  Keep in mind that some communities don’t have habits … Continue reading

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QUAERIT… well… Cri de Coeur: Convent closing for lack of vocations

From a reader:
I need to thank you for encouraging us all to attend the EF of the mass. Although there is no EF mass within a few hours drive of where I live (so sad, I know) I have been … Continue reading

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Why won’t Sr. Simone Campbell answer a simple, direct question about abortion?

Do you remember my post called NUNS GONE WILD?  I will have to add Sr. Simone Campbell to that dismal list.
From The Weekly Standard with my emphases and comments:
Sister Simone Campbell is a Catholic nun and liberal activist who has … Continue reading

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Card. Burke on the LCWR’s view of religious life

I wrote about how screwed up Sr. Joan Chittister’s view of religious life is HERE.
Review that and then listen to this:

Same wave length, no?

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Check out one blog’s vivisection of Fr. James Martin’s (SJ) claims about LCWR’s vocations v CMSWR’s vocations.

Over at Amerika, our old friend, Fr. James Martin, SJ, wrote a piece in which he manipulated statistics so that it appeared that LCWR orders of nuns were getting as many vocations as the CMSWR nuns (the more traditional groups). That … Continue reading

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Vocations for Women Religious up in England

Here is some good news via CNS and The Catholic Herald.
The number of women joining religious orders in England and Wales has almost tripled in the last three years, according to a June 13 article in England’s Catholic Herald newspaper that said … Continue reading

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Faithful, sound orders and religious institutes for WOMEN?

Since it’s LOVE DAY, let’s get real.
I have been asked this before, and I think we have covered it before, but… repetita iuvant.
Really good, sound, faith, orders or religious institutes for women in the USA?  England? Ireland? Canada? Australia?
Where you … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can non-virgins be nuns?

From a reader:
First of all, thank you for all the work you do for your flock! What a
breath of fresh air good priests are! [And it is good that there
are so many!]
Here’s my question; Can a non-virgin become a … Continue reading

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