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Two book recommendations: on women in the Church and on homosexuals

Kids heading back to school? HERE  Heading back to college? HERE
Need a Kindle? Yes, is the correct answer. HERE (UK HERE – try the new Paperwhite!)
I have a couple book suggestions for you. The titles should let you know plenty about the topics.

I am … Continue reading

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Pontifical Council for Culture’s strange video about women #LIFEOFWOMEN

A while back the Pontifical Council for Culture (PCC) posted a video about women.  Actually, it is of a woman asking women to send photos, tweets, videos, social media stuff by women about women to the same Pontifical Council. The 2 … Continue reading

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Francis latest interview. Feminists won’t be pleased.

The Holy Father had an interview with the Italian daily Il Messaggero.  It isn’t all that revelatory and I suspect that not too many people will be excited about it.
There is little more statism in it. One thing to note, … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! POLL ALERT! Wymyn to be ordained or not?

There is another silly wymyn thing taking place in Kalamazoo -zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo! HERE
The local bishop, Most Rev. Paul Bradley, wrote clearly to the diocese as to the consequences of participating in a simulation of a woman’s ordination. His full statement HERE.
The … Continue reading

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Francis hopes women in the Church will be more…”strand-like and cutting”?

There are times when, try as I might, I have no idea what – or whom – Pope Francis is talking about.  I am not alone.
I had a few requests to explain something that Francis said to a group of … Continue reading

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A new blog by faithful Catholic women: Catholic Women Rising

There is a new blog by Catholic women who are faithful to the Church’s teachings: Catholic Women Rising
The manifesto:
We the undersigned
This blog has been set up as a place where faithful practicing Catholic women may register their support for Catholic … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: What is wrong with women being lectors?

From a readerette:
Thank you for your wonderful blog.
I have been reading lots of comments, and seen some criticism of women lectors. What is wrong with women being lectors?
I will open the floor to readers in a moment.
First, only men are … Continue reading

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The newest vile Obama campaign ad an insult to women

Have you seen the slimy new video ad from the Obama campaign?  It is disgusting.
Here is some analysis from CNA:
Catholic analyst reacts to Obama campaign’s new ‘anti-woman’ ad
By Hillary Senour
Chicago, Ill., Oct 26, 2012 / 05:06 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A … Continue reading

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“I want to share why I choose to wear a veil… and why I love it.”

At the blog Fide Et Literis: By Faith & Learning there is a post entitled I love my chapel veil.
She wrote:
I recently read an article about the comeback of chapel veils entitled, “Head covering is thinly veiled patriarchy.” The author wrote … Continue reading

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What about Pres. Obama’s surrogate Hillary Rosen? Huh?

Hillary Rosen, the left-wing political and lesbian activist and Obama operative, thinks that Ann Romney, the DCIS cancer surviving, MS enduring mother of five, has
“actually never worked a day in her life”.
Does that jive with your experience of women who stay … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Chapel veils revisited – What color?

From a priest:
A quick question: a woman approached me wondering if there was anything inappropriate in wearing a white veil as an older, married woman.  She was told by another parishioner that white is only proper for young women who … Continue reading

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