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Of Women Priests and Ecumenism and how we should respond. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

I was sent something from the California Catholic Daily about a member of parish liturgy committee who participated in a fake and sacrilegious “ordination” by Roman Catholic Womenpriests.  My emphases:
A member of the liturgy committee at a San Francisco parish was … Continue reading

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The Nuns On The Bus Go ‘Round And ‘Round… with a WYMYNPRYST!

I suppose anyone can go to see the Nuns On The Bus go ’round and ’round.  This photo, however, from the Catholic Beat, says a lot.
25 June in Fountain Square, in Cincinnati, OhiO.
Sr. Simone Campbell and friend.
No, I am not … Continue reading

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A deacon responds to a gushy women’s ordination propaganda piece in a secular newspaper

A while back there was a dippy filmette about wymynprysts “Pink Smoke Over the Vatican” inspired by an equally dippy column in the Bakersfield Californian by one Valerie Schultz, a board member of CSUB’s Institute for Religion, Education, and Public … Continue reading

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I just don’t get it. Do they hate what they claim to want to be?

Over at Coo-ees In The Cloister:
Look at this photo.  What does it say to you?  What questions come to mind as you look at the way these people are dressed, at the signs they are holding?
Is there any dissonance here?  … Continue reading

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How many women’s ordination groups does it take to change a light bulb?

At the site of the Women’s Ordination Conference, there is a petition in support of Fr. Roy Bourgeois, MM (and heretic).  I loved this line:
“Our Catholic tradition teaches that sexism is a sin and excluding women from the priesthood is … Continue reading

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Westminster Cathedral: hordes, throngs, mobs demanding ordination of women

Mulier Fortis has an amusing note in her post about the ordination of the former Anglican bishops.
I was slightly amused to see this photo on Facebook. The hordes of supporters calling for the Holy Father to ordain women…

…almost outnumbered by … Continue reading

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