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Weather check!

Like a lot of the stuff I have been reading these days:

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“I heard you’re idea’s and their definately good.”

Despite the less than elegant rhetorical flourish, this is pretty funny.  From XKCD.

I am reminded of how liberals insist that conservatives be nice even while they pour out the worst sort of bile (cf. my email inbox).
(I especially like the … Continue reading

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Are you being prudent?

From xkcd:

I hope you are all washing your hands a lot and getting enough sleep.
Take care of yourselves.

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Bandwidth and file transfers

Sometimes you have greater bandwidth by mailing a CD or DVD or by sending a little USB drive by FedEx.
From XKCD:

It is a synchronicity that this came up.  The other day I had to send someone a large batch of … Continue reading

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From the sometimes incomprehensible xkcd comes this, which is entirely comprehensible.
Ask Europeans if they understand it now that their economies are collapsing, there isn’t any one to pay for their pensions, and a younger generation will soon start to euthanize … Continue reading

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