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“I collect books just as others store grain….”

From the Laudator comes something with which I can sympathize: Yuan Mei (1716–1797), Book Storage, tr. J.D.Schmidt: I collect books just as others store grain, And bitterly complain I don’t have enough granaries. In order to make space for a … Continue reading

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Wherein My Book Sorting Continueth: “How many branches of wax-candle light, How many drops of weary heart’s blood!

My book culling goes apace.   One of the things I went through today were books on China and on poetry.  On that note, I saw this on the site of the Laudator: A poem by Yuan Mei (1716–1797), tr. … Continue reading

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“I am satisfied so long as I keep my books closed”

From the estimable Laudator: By Yuan Mei (1716–1797), tr. J.D.Schmidt: I am satisfied so long as I keep my books closed, But I start to worry, when I open their covers. The books are long, but the day is short; … Continue reading

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