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Z-Swag “in the wild”!

I received a nice photo of some Z-Swag “in the wild”!  His blog is HERE.

Click HERE for swag!
In the meantime, perhaps the Holy Father needs something:

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Z-SWAG “Downrange”!

A reader sent this great photo of one of my “Say The Black Do The Red” insulated coffee travel mugs!

I really enjoy your “In The Wild” photos.  This one especially!

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Some Z-Swag “in the wild”!

My good friend, His Hermeneuticalness, the great Dean of Bexley and p.p. of Blackfen, the unabashedly Unreconstructed Ossified Manualist, Fr. Tim Finigan, posted at his excellent blog shot of some of my Cafepress Z-Swag caught “in the wild”.
Go there for … Continue reading

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“Pray For Our Bishops” car magnets

Since the USCCB fall plenary meeting is going on, I wanted to remind you of these “Pray For Our Bishops” car magnets:

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Z-Swag: In The Wild!

From a reader:
Hi FrZ ~
I never had a bumper sticker before. Then I just had to have one of yours…and then 2…now look what you started!! :o)
The little hearts between my husband & I are for our 6 wee ones … Continue reading

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