31 August: more of the Church Triumphant

There are some really interesting people listed in the Marytrologium Romanum today, who I cannot pass up mentioning.

I already mentioned in another entry St. Joseph of Arimethea and St. Nicodemus, from the New Testment.

Today is also the feast of St. Aristides, a philosopher who wrote to the Emperor Hadrian.

There is an amazing Paulinus, bishop and martyr, who was deeply involved with the Arian controversy (referred to in the MartRom as ariana infestatio).

At Lindisfarne, St. Aidan, bishop and abbot.

Blessed Andrew of Borgo San Sepolcro, which was the birthplace of the painting of one of the most perfect paintings ever conceived by the mind of man.  (I am sure one of you can tell me what this painting is.  It is in Borgo San Sepolcro, btw.)

And the amazing St. Raymond Nonnatus (yes, from Latin non natus), who became Master General of the Mercedarians who labored to raise money to ransom slaves from the infidel Muslims, took up the sword to fight for them, or offered their own persons in their stead.  St. Raymond, get this, when he exchanged himself for a captive in North Africa was tortured.  The members of the religion of peace spiked his lips and sealed his mouth to keep him from preaching.  He was eventually ransomed.  He was named cardinal by Pope Gregory IX but died on his way to Rome at the age of 36.

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  1. animadversor says:

    Cardinal at thirty-six! That used to be not so uncommon. I think it would not be too bad a thing to see more notably young cardinals and bishops. Too often, by the time one is sixty or so, one is too used to “things as they are”, the smooth functioning of the bureaucracy is too much valued, and the fire in the belly has been extinguished, or nearly so. Not to mention that I find the opinions and attitudes of the younger clergy to be generally more congenial.

  2. Phil says:

    I think St. Charles Borromeo was created Cardinal at age 12 or something like that as part of a patronage scheme. Unlike many others elevated in the same way, he ended up being quite…saintly.

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