Bl. Teresa of Calcutta

Today is the commemoratio of Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  Here is her quite poetic entry in the 2004 Roman Martyrology with a translation:

10*  Calcuttae in India, beatae Teresiae (Agnetis) Gonhxa Bojaxhiu, virginis, quae, ex Epiro nata, sitim Christi in cruce derelicti eximia caritate in pauperrimos fratres restinxit et Congregationes Missionariarum et Missionariorum a Caritate in plenum servitium aegrotorum drelictorumque instituit.

At Calcutta in India, [the commemoration] of blessed Teresa (Agnes) Gonhxa Bojaxhiu, virgin, who, born at Epirus, quenched the thirst of Christ, abandoned on the Cross, by means of outstanding charity towards the most poor brethren and founded the Congregations of Missionaries (women) and Missionaries (men) of Charity in total service to the sick and abandoned.



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  1. Don Marco says:

    Would anyone out there have the Collect composed for her memorial?

  2. Sidney says:

    Madre Teresa de Calcutá, rogai por nós!

  3. I looked everywhere I could on the web, but couldn’t find a collect for Blessed Mother Theresa. I guess you’d just have to use a generic prayer from the Common of Virgins.

  4. Jeff says:

    I did find on the web that her feast day on the liturgical calendar is taken from the Common of Holy Women, if that helps.

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