23 Oct: Saint Boethius

In my catch-up scanning of the blogs this morning, through my jetlag fog I managed to note someone’s question about Boethius and whether or not he has been beatified or canonized.

Here is his entry in the Martyrologium Romanum found on 23 October:

5*. Papiae in Liguria, commemoratio sancti Severini Boetii, martyris, qui, scientia ac scriptis praeclarus, in carcere detentus tractarum scripsit de consoloatione philosophiae et Deo usque ad mortem a Theodorico rege inflictam cum integritate servivit. … At Pavia in Liguria, the commemortation of Saint Severinus Boethius, martyr, who, a man celebrated for his knowledge and writings, wrote a tract concerning the consolation of philosphy while detained in prision and served God with integrity until his death inflicted by King Theodoric.


Take note that the entry calls his "Saint" Boethius.

You may be interested to know that Boethius tomb is in the crypt of the same church when St. Augustine’s remains are interred:  San Pietro in Ciel d’oro.

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  1. Hey – we kept trying to figure out where Augustine was buried last year, and nobody seemed to know! Where is San Pietro in Ciel d’oro? Not in Rome I presume?

  2. I am sorry to show my ignorance, but do you know if there is a rule about observing saints, in liturgy, who don’t appear on the general calendar? Can they be celebrated at all? Does one seek permission?

  3. Fr. Fox: On a “dies non“, that is a day when there is no other saint or feast on the calendar, we may choose a saint (not a blessed unless under precise circumstances) from the Roman Martyrology. A blessed can be celebrated only within a territory where there is permission to do so or by members of a religious institute with permission. Remember that the Roman Martyrology is a liturgical book. It is very helpful.

  4. Grazie, Padre!

    Very helpful.

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