Funghellino .. where art thou?

A reader wants to know where one might obtain a funghellino.

I don’t know why one couldn’t just use a cake or pastry stand. 

They seem to be about the same. 

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  1. RichR says:


    A short mushroom-shaped stand placed on the altar at a pontifical mass to hold the bishop’s skull cap during the Eucharistic prayer.

  2. Chironomo says:

    That would be my advice too… a fine silver shop that would sell a small torte or pastry stand. Unless there is some special aspect of the real thing that makes an “imposter funghellino” inappropriate.

  3. Chironomo: I suppose the only real difference is that funghellino is often curved, so that the beanie more easily retains its shape. This is not a major factor.

  4. Melody says:

    Does it need to look flashy? If not, I would suggest looking into sites selling retail fixtures. Many shops use just such a stand in their window displays.

  5. David O'Rourke says:

    Having served many a Pontifical Mass back in the 1950’s I can say that I never saw such a device used (nor have I encountered it in any book of rubrics). At Low Mass the chaplain to the bishop’s right simply removed the zuchetto and placed it on the folded chalice veil to the right of the Corporal. At Pontifical Mass an MC removed it and took it to a credence table.

    I wonder if such a device wouldn’t crowd things on the altar or even run the risk of tipping over. But far be it from me to object to the return of any Pontifical item.

  6. David2 says:

    Here in the British Commonwealth, Barristers still wear horse hair wigs in some superior courts.

    Perhaps a judical or barrister’s wig stand could be used for the purpose?

    Check out Blashki Ecclesiastical / Legal / Academic Outfitters’ legal Wigs, Wig Stands, Tins and Boxes site:

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